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Does your child need some help to improve their English and maths?

Kip McGrath Education Centres have been tutoring primary and secondary students for 40 years to improve their understanding and results in these two core areas.

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Kip tutors are qualified teachers who know how to help boost your child’s confidence by making learning fun and engaging.


Free Assessment

Following a free educational assessment, a personalised learning programme is created that is just right for your child’s learning needs


Regular Feedback

You’ll also be given regular feedback and updates to track how your child is improving.

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To find out how Kip McGrath can help your child reach their full learning potential,

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  Maths Tutoring

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  Reading and spelling tuition

  Pre-school, primary and secondary

  Qualified teachers

  Personalised learning programmes

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Are you claiming your tax-free tuition allowance?

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Are you claiming your tax-free tuition allowance?

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With a 40 year history
and an international reputation,
we know what works.

 Qualified teachers

 Free assessment

 Personalised learning programmes

 Weekly sessions

 Regular feedback

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